Frequently Asked Questions

What is BESPOK ?

BESPOK is a Canadian company that formulates industry leading skin care products just for you. Our licensed lead formulator has over 20 years experience developing a vast array of cosmeceutical products with a focus on premium skin care. Read "Our Story"

How does it work?

Good question...Bespok has three products for you to customize click 'Customize My Skincare'. Takes literally a minute. A Bespok clinical formulator, not a computer will analyze your questionnaire and customize your personalized skincare system for you. Drawing from over 100 powerhouse ingredients resulting in cutting edge "just for you" clinical products.

I only see three products ?

Yes, BESPOK has three professional grade products for all your skin care needs. We believe that your skin care regime should be simple, effective, easy and affordable.

What does the number mean on the labels of the BESPOK products ?

Each of our products have a big number on the label. NUMBER 1 is our HYDRATING GLOW MIST which doubles as a cleanser. NUMBER 2 is our INTENSIVE HYALURONIC SERUM and NUMBER 3 is our ADVANCED C MOISTURIZER. What does the number a perfect world you will love all three of our products and use them in order.

Can I just buy one product ?

Of course, as you may have other products in your skin care regime that you have been using and love. Awesome! All of our three products stand on their own, are all clinical strength products and will wonderfully compliment your current products.

How do I use BESPOK 1-2-3 ?

1 - Apply the HYDRATING GLOW MIST to a cotton pad and clease face, then mist face 2 - Apply INTENSIVE HYALURONIC SERUM to damp face... let set for 1 minute 3- Apply ADVANCED C MOISTURIZER EASY AS 1-2-3 !

But I buy my skin care products from retail store or online and they seem fine... why would I buy BESPOK ?

If you are completely happy with your current products and you love the results then stick with them. But before we lose you... let us blow our own horn a little please. BESPOK uses the very best ingredients that are sourced from all over the world. We always search for cruelty free, vegan, fair trade, organic and ethical manufacturing processes. We look for the cleanest ingredients with the highest levels of activity. We store all our ingredients in air tight, light sensitive containers in lab refrigerators. We formulate on demand, thus making sure your BESPOK is fresh unlike the products that you currently purchase that could be literally years old. This is important as time is your skin care products enemy! The older the product, the lower the activity levels. Oh and the most important difference is that we have worked together with you to create the very best possible skin care formula. We made one product just for you, not the 'off the shelf ' made for the masses products you currently are buying. BIG DIFFERENCE and the difference will show...

How long will my product last?

Two answers for you here - because we use almost no scary preservatives and many of our ingredients are living ingredients our suggested shelf life is 8 to 10 weeks. Although not required... we would love you to keep BESPOK in the fridge between applications. Second answer is our container sizes are designed to last you 4 to 6 weeks.

Can I buy BESPOK in stores ?

BESPOK is currently available exclusively from our website. To repeat ourselves ; this allows us to assure you that you are receiving the highest quality actives, the freshest ingredients and the best formulation available in the market today.

Do I have to pay extra for the additional customized ingredients?

All the great ingredients that we are adding to your customized formula are complimentary. We are picking up the tab... our pleasure.

Is BESPOK more expensive than retail products ?

NO... because when you buy online there is no markups from retailers. So you are getting a higher quality product at the same or lower prices than mass market skin care... winner, winner!

I just started using my BESPOK products and my skin is having a reaction. What should I do?

For a severe rash or irritation always consult a physician and discontinue use of product. contact for our complete money back guarantee. For mild reactions please keep in mind your skin is very unique and sometimes rebels against the very ingredients it needs to heal and repair. An adjustment period for your skin type may take some time. Remember the skin cycle is a full 28 days, so give BESPOK a bit more time and try staggering use to every second day for awhile. If you believe your skin is still having an unusual reaction then please reach out to our team at and see how we can help.

How soon can I expect to see results ?

As soon as a couple of days but usually within two weeks. It really depends on the health of your skin before you started BESPOK and how faithful you are to using your products. We want you to make BESPOK a part of your daily skin care regime. Oh and please, please, please drink at least 2 to 4 litres of water daily!

Are your products Vegan ?

Our goal first is to find the ingredients that have the highest performing actives, then the best manufacturing process and after that we hunt for Vegan, Cruelty Free, Fair Trade and then Canadian ingredients.

I want to change my order ?

If your order hasn't shipped, simply email us at and we'll try our best to accomodate you.

What type of payments do you accept?

Currently we accept PayPal and Stripe.

What is the best skin care ?

The best skin care is a program that works best for you. Your skin is as unique as your BESPOK customized formula. BESPOK products are a unique combination of powerful, active ingredients designed into a simple daily 3 - Step routine... simple and easy !

Where do you ship to ?

We are a Canadian company so we ship to anywhere in Canada. We also ship to Continental United States Please email for shipments anywhere else.

What are shipping costs ?

FREE within Canada on all orders over $99. If you are ordering form The United States we have a flat shipping rate of $25 that will be added at checkout.

How long does it take to get my order ?

Once formulated and shipped BESPOK should arrive at your door in 7 to 15 business days.

I haven't received my order yet ?

Please remember our product formulation team is blending each and every customized product for you. We don't pre-make anything! Our top priority is making sure you are getting the very best personalized skin care products. If your order is unreasonably late please contact us at and we will get this solved for you.

Why are some of your ingredients listed organic and some are not?

We source our ingredients from over 40 different countries. Some countries have organic certification systems in place, while others have more complex systems. Regardless, all BESPOK ingredients are non-GMO, pesticide-free, sustainable and never tested on animals.


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