Updated: Nov 8, 2020

If you’ve been considering a change in your skin care regime and have been looking at the latest moisturizers and serums on the market, you have likely seen the words hyaluronic acid.

It is the hottest ingredient in the beauty industry right now and although it has the word acid in it, it differs from exfoliating acids like glycolic or lactic acid.

So what exactly is hyaluronic acid and why should you be using it?

Hyaluronic acid (or HA as it’s often called) is a 100% natural ingredient.

It is produced by our bodies to retain water, which helps plump and hydrate the skin. When applied topically, it has the same effect resulting in a more hydrated complexion.

Skin requires moisture to preserve and maintain health as you age and according to skin experts, we lose approximately one percent of our hyaluronic acid stores per year after the age of 30.

To make matters worse, older skin produces less hyaluronic acid, which can result in a crepey texture, visible fine lines and volume loss.

Naturally produced in the dermal layer of the skin, HA is a key ingredient that acts like a sponge, drawing moisture in while also stimulating the production of collagen.

It holds up to 1,000 times its weight in water and hyaluronic acid has proven anti-aging benefits that leave skin plumper, softer and smoother.

The types of hyaluronic acid used in skincare products differ depending on the molecular size.

The molecular weight of the hyaluronic acid molecule dictates the depth where it is found in your skin.

High molecular weight hyaluronic acid sits on top of the skin due to its large size and it is good for hydrating.

Products with a low molecular weight are better at penetrating into the dermis to help replenish the HA loss that occurs during the aging process.

In addition to restoring HA levels in the skin a lower molecular weight HA also supports collagen production and firms the skin.

A combination of both forms is best as you can benefit from their different properties. It is important to look closely at product ingredients as brands often indicate on the label if a formula contains HA with a low or high molecular weight or both.

Is there a difference between more expensive HA skincare and a cheaper option?

Is it worth splurging on a more expensive product or will a cheaper drugstore brand be sufficient?

When it comes to skincare, the quality and source of the hyaluronic acid is relevant, as well as the additional molecules added to the product.

Medical grade products tend to be more of an investment because they are backed by science including clinical trials showing their efficacy.

The moisturizing naturally occurring molecule is offered in a variety of moisturizers and serums and while skincare can be costly you do not have to break the bank to get effective products.

Thankfully the age defying ingredient can be found in products at every price point.

With a plethora of brands to choose from how do you know which is right for your skin?

Since hyaluronic acid isn’t known to irritate the skin a cheaper product may work just as well but it depends on your preference and your skin’s needs.

Bespok Intensive Hyaluronic Serum

This Hybrid Serum boasts an impressive 2.5% hyaluronic acid in 6 particle sizes. Most leading mass market hyaluronic acids only have one particle size. Having all 6 hyaluronic acid sizes is critical because it allows for all layers of the skin to reap the benefits of the acids. This equates to deeper penetration, longer lasting hydration and visibly corrected signs of aging. This also has a cutting edge ingredient that very few skin care companies have even discovered; Polyglutamic acid. It is shaking up the beauty industry as research is showing that this peptide works in perfect unison with hyaluronic acid, it acts in providing a thin, smooth, moisturizing and non-irritating film on the skin. Polyglutamic acid is known to reduce fine lines, brighten skin, even tone and help maintain elasticity.

It replenishes skin with long lasting moisture and helps amplify skins hyaluronic acid levels. This powerful oil-free serum leaves you with soft, glowing, instantly plumped and youthful-looking complexion. You will notice a decrease in fine lines and wrinkles and a more even skin tone.

Bespok has three products that can be tailored just for you to replenish, moisturize improve elasticity. Simply click the Customize My Skincare tab and within minutes a Bespok clinical formulator, not a computer will analyze your questionnaire and customize you a personalized skincare system. This simple, cost effective skincare collection has the highest performing actives in the industry today, made fresh for you drawing from more than 100 of the best ingredients in the world.

At Bespok we are passionate about making skin care products different and at the same time making products as unique as you are. Our customized luxurious preparations are suitable for all skin types. We guarantee, that over time your skin will have long lasting, beautiful results as we work together to help the fight against aging, wrinkled, damaged and unsatisfactory skin.

Finding the right ingredients that work best with your skin type is hard to do on your own. When you buy non-dedicated mass market skin care products it is often a guessing game.

Fresh is best and some skin care products lose their effectiveness after one year. So when the consumer buys their products through conventional mass market venues they have no idea how old it is.

Bespok formulates your customized products within 48 hours of your online order. Shipped to you the same day it is formulated. Your fresh, clinic quality skin care bespok products are only days old when you receive them.

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Updated: Nov 8, 2020

In the pursuit of beautiful, long lashes you need to find a lash serum that assists with promoting the growth of your eyelashes in the safest and most natural way.

Yes your goal is stunning lashes but keep in mind that the ongoing health of your lashes matters too. So how do we pick the product that will satisfy all of your needs and expectations? Keep reading to find out what to  pay attention to when buying the perfect eyelash growth product.....

RULE 1; the applicator

Look for an eyelash serum which has a small, pointy brush. In order for the active ingredients to penetrate through the skin and into the lash roots proper application must occur. The pointy little brush is the best way for maximum results.

RULE 2; clinical testing

Make sure that governing bodies, like Health Canada, has approved the ingredients and that clinical trials have been done verifying your safety.

RULE 3 ;  country of origin

It's always nice to buy local, or as local as possible and of course Canadian. Our country has some of the highest health and safety standards in the world.

RULE 4 ; ingredients

This is the biggie ! Looking for natural ingredients, cruelty free, prostaglandin free are a nice place to start. When it comes to natural ingredients search the product label for amazing ingredients like Biotin, Aloe, Clover Flower extract, Grape seed extract, Caffeine, Castor oil and D-Alpha tocopherol.  Cutting edge serums are even using ingredients like Colloidal silver ( wonderful antibacterial agent). You want to make sure your growth serum is taking care of conditioning, growth and the health of your eyelashes.

RULE 5 ; price

The truth is those extremely expensive eyelash growth serums do not work any better than the reasonably priced ones! Pay for quality , not glitzy marketing.

RULE 6 ; treatment time

Anything worth having takes time. Oh and we are all different so expect results to take anywhere from 2 weeks to 8 weeks. Be patient and consistent ( no skipping days)

So before parting with your hard earned money take into consideration the above rules and before too long those long beautiful lashes you have always wanted, will be yours............

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Updated: Nov 8, 2020

With all this time indoors these days how many of you are giving your skin a well needed makeup break? All the pigments present in foundations and powders... whether micas or oxides can penetrate deep into your pores and cause blockage that is hard to remove with cleanser alone. But the down side of going “naked” with your face quite often means uneven and pale skin tone.

Makeup Free GLO - GLOBABY Illuminating Progressive Glo Creme

We at MarkusScott Cosmeceuticals have come up with a unique solution with the creation of GloBaby - Illuminating Progressive GLO Creme... a gradual self-tanner that is made with the best all natural and organic ingredients that we could acquire. This self-tanner is a light and nourishing daily face moisturizer with wonderful skin rejuvenating properties. It’s for use under your usual beauty products. GloBaby contains 25% active tanners compared to a typical face self-tanning cream. This allows you more control over the depth of your colour, depending on frequency, thus using it removes any concern over streaking of product. Visible results from each application will range from 6 - 24 hours after application. With the end results being a natural looking GLO that quite often evens out your skin tone and removes the need for foundations, powders, BB, and CC creams. GloBaby can replace your daily moisturizer or you may use it underneath your usual creams and serums. GloBaby contains no dyes, colourants, parabens, fragrances, essential oils, micas, oxides that can be typical to irritating sensitive skin and blocking pores.

GloBaby - Illuminating GLO Creme is presented in a quality airless pump which perserves and protects the natural and active ingredients. One pump is all that is usually needed in this highly concentrated formula to cover the entire face and neck. Our unique Creme has a small enough particle size that makes it extremely suitable for use under and around the eyes. GloBaby has very a soft and silky skin feel, complimented with amazing absorption. Your skin will never feel weighed down by the product. Did we also mention the mouth-watering scent? GloBaby contains Organic French Plum Kernel oil which gives GloBaby a very unique, subtle scent of “marzipan”... who doesn’t love the smell of desert on their face?

The Ingredients:

Our lead ingredient “Copper Infused Aqua” aids in collagen production and skin regeneration by increasing melanin production.

“Organic French Plum Kernel Oil” has the indulgent scent of “marzipan” but also possesses anti-inflammatory properties there by reducing puffiness, irritations, dark spots, under-eye circles, wrinkles and dry skin. Suitable for all skin types with a non greasy, silk-like texture.

“Sugar Cane Derived Squalane” is an ECOCERT certified oil that has a high affinity to skin cells due to it’s skin-identical structure. Suitable for all skin types with an oil balancing effect and good absorption.

“MSM” aids in superior absorption of ingredients.

“Pharmaceutical Grade Organic Coconut Oil Glycerin” is a one of a kind glycerin that deeply moiturizes skin, leaving it soft and supple in a way that lower quality glycerin can’t.

“Caffeine Co2 Extract” stimulates blood flow which can help the skin tighten naturally and reduces fluid retention, especially around the eyes.

“Vitamin B5 Panthenol” protects the skin by reducing UV damage and repairing the skin barrier.

“Silk Peptides” boosts collagen levels, promotes cell repair and rejuvenation by reducing water loss.

“Hyaluronic Acid” is an amazing humectant... meaning it draws moisture to the skin all day. It instantly smooths the appearance and lends long term benefits of reducing wrinkles, redness, and dermatitis.

“Trace Minerals” are a vital component of healthy skin and maintaining a healthy, balanced PH level.

“Aloe Vera” is known for fighting acne, dark spots, and slowing down the aging process.

“Active Tanners - Erythelose & DHA” work synergistically together providing a golden streak free tan minus the “orange” colour of tanners that contain DHA alone. Plant cells made of red & sour tart sugar from berries and glycerin derived from sugar cane react with the proteins of the skin creating a darker pigment.

Instructions: Apply a thin amount of Gradual Tanner daily to freshly cleansed and damp skin. Apply to entire face including eye area, feather into hair line and neck. Results are subtle and will build over time, apply twice daily for a deeper look. Results are best if skin is lightly exfoliated at least once a week. Wash hands after use.

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